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Volunteering for the Fire Department is way to give back to the community, while getting some new skill sets that may help you along in your career.

Volunteer Firefighter / First Responder at the Kaministiquia Volunteer Fire Department

Volunteers are on call to help whenever the need arises. However, not every volunteer will be able to respond to every call, so it’s important for a fire department to have many members, to cover as many emergency situations as possible. 

The volunteer fire and first response service is a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience. 

Our volunteer firefighters:
-Prevent and suppress, grass, structural and vehicle fires
-Provide extrication, traffic control and assist in spill clean up for motor vehicle accidents
-Maintain equipment
-Participate in public education and help at community events
-Maintain a high level of training 

Our volunteer first responders:
-Provide patient care in medical emergency situations
-Assist paramedics on emergency calls
-Provide on-scene rehabilitation for firefighters
-Maintain a high level of training 

Who can become a Volunteer Firefighter or First Responder? 

Men and women age 18 years and up can train to become a volunteer firefighter or first responder 

Successful candidates are: -Dependable
-In good health
-Committed to community service
-Able to follow direction 
-Able to perform physical tasks
-Able to work in stressful situations
-Able to respond quickly and calmly during an emergency
-Able to be part of a group working together as a team
-Willing to inspire others with dedication, selflessness, and dependability 

Join a Great Tradition of Volunteering 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter or first responder, talk to the Chief, or First Response Coordinator or any one of our members. They can answer any questions you may have. 


Jack Drewes – Fire Chief: 1 807 624 7730

Liz Innanen, Deputy Chief, Recruitment Officer, 807 629 2886,

Silver Falls Fire Hall – Phone/Fax: 933-4593

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