Motions 2021/2022

Motion 1_21-22 Request for Proposal Recreation FY2021-22

Motion 2_21-22 Enhanced Driver Training moved to Annual Buget Estimates

Motion 3_21-22 Meeting and Advertising Payment

Motion 4_21-22 Distribution of Operating Grant Monies FY2021-22

Motion 5_21-22 Formation of Committee for Auto Road Project

Motion 6_21-22 Acceptance of Tender for Snowplowing

Motion 7_21-22 Annual Budget Estimates Recreation Expenses Passed

Motion 8_21-22 Annual Budget Estimates Fire Protection Expenses Passed

Motion 9_21-22 Annual Budget Estimates LSB Administration Expenses Passed

Motion 10_21-22 Annual Budget Estimates LSB Revenue Passed

Motion 15_21-22 To Purchase Fire Prevewntion Supplies

Motion 16_21-22 Acknowledge and Approve the Insured Form


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