the KamLSB has provided Fire Protection through the Kaministiquia Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD) since 1985.

If someone calls one of the emergency numbers for help during or right after a medical emergency, vehicle collision, wildfire or structure fire, the KVFD gets paged. 

Volunteers at the fire department live and sometimes even work in the area and will respond as quick as they can. Whether it is fighting a fire, assisting in patient care, or extracting people from cars after an accident, firefighters and first responders are well-trained to take on a wide variety of tasks.  Depending on the emergency and especially in case of a fire, neighbouring teams may  get called out as well to assist. In return, the KVFD will get called to help out neighbouring fire teams if there is a large fire or other big emergency in the area. 


KVFD has 2 Fire halls, the main one at 16 Silverfalls Road and a satellite hall at 540 Auto Road. The KVFD operates 4 vehicles, 2 pumper tankers that the KamLSB owns, a 4×4 Tanker pumper also provided by KamLSB, a pumper truck provided by the Office of the Fire Marshal of Ontario (OFM) and a KamLSB provided Suburban 4×4 rescue vehicle.  The main pumper/tanker is equipped with a set of high end Holmatro hydraulic auto-extrication tools: a cutter, spreader and ram. 

KamLSB does NOT have 911 emergency communications.

Thunder Bay Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC): 1 807 473 5200 for medical and fire and multi-vehicle accidents

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP):  1 888 310-1122,

Number to Report Forest Fires: 310-FIRE (3473).

Outdoor fire rules and permits

Read more about outside fires and burning.


The Kaministiquia Volunteer Fire Department is funded through a levy from LSB via the provincial land tax bill.
Some funds are coming from the Ministry of Northern Development to offset eligible operating costs. This was approximately $7,500 for the 2020-21 Fiscal Year and $8,000 for the 2021-22 Fiscal Year.


If you like to offer support to the KVFD team, consider volunteering!
Training happens every other Wednesday evening at Silver Falls Firehall. Advanced training at Firecon takes place in September of most years.

And of course, keep smoke and CO alarms up to date, and attend any public education events that are presented to prevent fires and other emergencies. 

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