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The Kaministiquia Local Services Board (KamLSB) is a Local Services Board (LSB) created under the Northern Services Board Act (NSBA).

An LSB can deliver Approved Services in areas without municipal organization. The NSBA lays out how LSBs can be formed, what they can do as Approved Services, and how they operate.  “An LSB is not a municipality and does not have the same authority as one.” (

Kaministiquia Area residents met and voted to form a Local Services Board. Area residents can also vote to change the boundaries of the LSB, add or remove services and to begin the dissolution of the LSB when deemed necessary.

KamLSB offers 2 Approved Services: Fire Protection and Recreation.

KamLSB delivers Fire Protection Services through the Kaministiquia Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD).

Recreation Services are delivered under contract by the Kaministiquia Community Centre Association (KCCA) 

A bit more background information

There are 7 more services an LSB can deliver:

  1. Garbage Collection,
  2. Sewage,
  3. Street or Area Lighting,
  4. Water Supply,
  5. Roads 
  6. Public Library, and
  7. Emergency Telecommunications.

KamLSB does not offer any of these 7 services.

Board meetings and elections

LSBs hold public meetings. Each year, usually in September, an election meeting is held for the volunteer board positions. A volunteer board is elected on an annual basis and the Board serves from Oct 1st to Sept 30.An Annual Budget Estimates Meeting is held in November.The area residents vote to approve the Annual Budget Estimates and the method to raise the tax levy each year. A public meeting is held to review the Annual Audit Report in the spring.

Rules and Procedures

The Board sets out rules and procedures for its operation and manages the finances and operations of its programs. KamLSB has policies covering conflict of interest, procurement, annual audit, and contracts.

Ministry of Northern Development

KamLSB works directly with the Ministry of Northern Development (MND) on the Annual Budget Estimates, Service Contracts, Audits, and filings of bylaws, minutes, and financial information. MND may receive questions from the residents about KamLSB delivery and financing of services and activities.


KamLSB finances its programs and operations through a tax levy that is part of the Provincial Land Tax bill. KamLSB has Charitable Organisation status with the CRA and can issue tax receipts for donations. Fundraising has occurred in the past but not recently. An Operating Grant from MND is applied for annually and is divided between Fire Protection, Recreation, and Administration.  KamLSB has received other Grants from MND and Ontario Heritage.

Four non-municipal townships

In the KamLSB area there are parts of 4 non-municipal townships: Dawson Road Lots, Ware, Forbes, and Fowler. Most of Dawson Road Lots township is in the KamLSB area, with the western part past Bylund Pit Road being in Shebandowan LSB. Ware township is divided between Lappe LSB and KamLSB. All of Forbes Township is in KamLSB. Fowler Township is shared between Lappe LSB and KamLSB.

Each of these 4 townships has a Local Roads Board that maintains the roads in the area. The Local Roads Boards are separate from the Local Services Boards.

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